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About Us

About Us

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Glory car hire tours and safaris Msa ltd, was founded in 1980 by brothers Mr.Shaukat Noorani and Mr.Shabir Noorani. They started up with two saloon cars and a vision “to put everyone in the driver’s seat”. By 1990 they opened up their second office in Nairobi and had by then expanded their fleet. In 1993 they opened up their Malindi and Diani branch offices.In the year 2006 the brothers with their vision still going strong decided to divide the family business so as to venture into other business.Mr.Shaukautt Noorani took on his son as a director of his Mombasa based business. Together they expanded the Mombasa business to not only include car hire but also hotels with branches in Nairobi and Mombasa.
Glory car hire tours and safaris Msa ltd is a limited liability company that was incorporated on 15th march 2006, the company is an off shot of the parent company Glory car hire and tours that has been operational since 1980.
Glory car hire and tours Mombasa limited has two directors with 75 and 25 percent share holding of the company. They are:
• Mr.Shaukatt Noorani. 75% share holding.
• Mr.Riaz Noorani. 25% share holding.

Glory car hire and tours Mombasa limited is run by Mr.Riaz Noorani and a group of highly experienced managers made up of:-

GENERAL MANAGER – Mr. Mohamed Shaffi
Mr. Shaffi has been with the company since 1986 and has served in various departments within the company. Her determination and skill has seen her rise the corporate ladder during the ensuing years and serve in various positions to where she is now serves as general manager of Glory car hire tours and safaris Msa ltd. She is also in charge of the human resource department and over looks the employment, training and internal worker issues.

FINANCIAL CONTROLLER – Mr.Iftikar Faraj and Mrs. Shariffa Abdula.
Mr.Faraj has been with the company since 2009, he is a certified accountant with a wealth of knowledge and skill accumulated over the years in the various accounting jobs he has held. Mrs.Abdula has been with the company since the year 2001; she has wealth of experience in accounting
from her former employment.Together this team is in charge of all the accounts for the various business interests of Glory car hire and Tours Msa ltd.

Mr. Ebrahim has been with the company since 2004, he was in charge of the driving school which was a part of Glory car hire Tours and safaris Msa ltd,under his management the driving school thrived, he was later promoted to his current position and is in charge of all the day to day operations for car hire and staff transport.

Mr.  Bachani set up the health and safety department in Glory car hire from scratch. She set up the health and safety policy and implemented it. She currently trains all employees on health and safety issues and makes sure all health and safety issues are addressed and dealt with effectively as per the law. She has a wealth of knowledge in this field having attained a diploma in health and safety studies from the University of Nairobi.

– Mr. Asad Deen
Mr.Been joined the company this year 2010, to head the information technology department of the company, with experience in software and hardware installations, networking, database designing and maintenance, systems development, systems and i.p configurations.He is in charge of steering the company and all the departments to embrace the change of technology, he is also in charge of our online reservations and payment system.

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